Turkey to be guest of Schleswig-Holstein Festival

The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, one of the world’s most prominent classical music festivals, will be organized this year from July 9 to Aug. 28 under the slogan “Welcome Turkey.”

A total of 131 concerts will be performed as part of the 26th edition of the annual festival, which is supported by the federal German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry and the International Istanbul Film Festival.

Describing Turkey as the meeting point of cultures, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Organization Committee Chairman Rolf Beck said: “Different religions and cultures live together in Turkey. There are 50 different ethnic groups in the country, which is an unbelievable variety. Turkey unites cultures between the East and the West.”

The range of music in the festival offers an Anatolian journey from along the coastline of the Black Sea to the colorful chamber music of the great Turkish composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun and the visionary opus of colleague Fazıl Say. The event, which includes two world premieres, will feature whirling dervishes.

Say will perform his own composition “Khayyam” for the first time at the festival. In addition to Say, the Bilkent Symphonic Orchestra, or BSO, under the conduction of Işın Mein, successful pianists Ferhan Önder and Ferzan Önder, Gülsün Onay, Hüseyin Sermet, violin virtuoso Hande Özyürek, world-renowned clarinetist Selim Sesler, percussion master Burhan Öçal and Kurdish artist Aynur will be guests at the festival.

Also featuring are musical groups Kollektif Istanbul and Sarband, while Turkish DJ İpek İpekçioğlu, who lives in Berlin, will present a musical show.


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