Groundbreaking photography museum to open in Istanbul

The Istanbul Photography Museum will open in the Kadırga Cultural Center in Fatih. The first museum of its kind in Turkey will also serve as a cultural center and display one permanent and two temporary exhibitions as opening attractions.
The Istanbul Photography Museum is situated on a 1,000 square-meter area at the Kadırga Cultural Center. Company photo
The Istanbul Photography Museum is situated on a 1,000 square-meter area at the Kadırga Cultural Center. Company photo

A groundbreaking Turkish photography museum is preparing to open Nov. 20 with three exhibitions in Istanbul’s central Fatih district.

The Istanbul Photography Museum aims to support the art of photography and amateur and professional photographers in Turkey and will serve as a new cultural center to develop the art of photography with collections, exhibitions, publications, photography archives, library, events, projects and educational presentations, according to officials.

Situated on a 1,000-square-meter area that was allocated by Fatih Municipality at the Kadırga Cultural Center, the museum consists of five photography galleries, a photography archive and a library. It will be managed by the Photography Friends’ Association.

A permanent and two temporary exhibits

The museum will host three exhibitions after the Nov. 19 opening ceremony. The exhibition titled “Republican Period Photography Masters – Trailblazers” will take place at the Klasikler Gallery under the sponsorship of Çetin Nuhoğlu.

The exhibition is made up of works by 50 photographers who have left their mark in every field of the art of photography.

One of the most important aims of the museum is to bring together, preserve, display and promote the classics of photographic art.

The Istanbul Photography Museum will also open with two temporary exhibitions.

The first temporary exhibition, “Fotoğrafımızda Bugün-2011” (Present time in our photography – 2011), featuring works by 200 photographic artists, will bring a contemporary view to Turkish photography. Visitors will see works not only by Turkish photographic virtuosos, but also see the advent of photography in the early republican era.

The second temporary exhibition, “Basılı Fotoğrafımız – Albümler” (Our printed photography – albums), will present an important selection including albums, books and portfolios to visitors. After the exhibition, the collection will be presented for research use in the archive of the museum. The exhibitions will remain open through Feb. 19, 2012, everyday except Monday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Tickets cost four Turkish Liras, although members of a group can enter for three liras, while teachers and students can visit for two liras. The museum will be free for children under 14, members of the press, people with disabilities and those over 60.

Visitors can also use the museum archive and library


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