Our Istanbul based company provide tour organizations and hotel reservations in Turkey. We are also organizing holiday packages and special scheduled flights for different destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

We offer travel services for groups and individuals. We are framed with prominent experience and tradition to assist you in developing and handling your travel programs even are adequate to turn the ‘impossible’ itineraries into reality at feasible and competitive conditions.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate challenge and goal.

We ensure high quality service by strictly adhering to the standards of service quality. We raise the bar for standards incessantly in our services such as flight and travel arrangements, which include meeting guests at the airport, as well as ensuring the quality of restaurants, hotels and all transportation needs.

In order to maintain our service quality, we only work with partners that meet high standards. Our partners as well as hotels and resorts, are also proficient in their fields, and they have the capacity of providing high quality service. They are evaluated and selected within a certain systematic framework.

With a crucial focus on knowledge accumulation, experience and reliable partners we have been able to present our customers a high quality service withinreasonable price schemes. The main characteristics of our company policy and employees are customer satisfaction efficiency, technology follow-up and’ utilization, teamwork, motivation and training.

We are always committed to self-improvement, and betterment of partners.

Thus, it is believed that the quality of the service given to customers can steadily be increased, and in fact we have seen the positive results of this approach; by the hundred times increase in the number of guests served in past years.

We take our job very seriously in making sure that our guests enjoy their vacation to the broadest level. One of our main prominent aspect, which distinguishes us from other companies, is the fact that being a pioneer in Turkey, we have established a system to identify, implement and inspect quality standards covering Airport, Flight, Greeting, Transfers, Hotels, Transportation Vehicles, Restaurants and Tour activities.

A feedback system for the Customers, Agencies and Tour operators has been established. Furthermore, this feedback is enhanced on the spot through support organizations.


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