Istanbul & Harp

“Istanbul and Harp” is a work-order and album recording project realized by the Art of Harp Association with the support of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency.

Six different Turkish composers from two different generations composed of works comprised of various combinations of solo harp / chengçwith harp/cheng plus flute, viola, fiddle, contrabass, lute and zither. Each work has been ordered to attribute to the memory of Istanbul in a way preferred by the composer. Composers produced works about symbols of Istanbul such as the doves, children, Basilica Cistern, Seven Hills.

The concert will be performed by Şirin Pancaroğlu and six more musicians: Yurdal Tokcan, Tahir Aydoğdu, Derya Türkan, Elif Yurdakul, Arda Agoşyan and Evrim Baştaş. The project’s premier will be held on December 19, 2010 at CRR Concert Hall which will be the promotion of the album as well.

Frida Kahlo at Pera Museum

Between 23 December 2010 and 20 March 2011, the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from the Gelman Collection exhibition introduces to art lovers two of the most outstanding, globally renowned Mexican figures of 20th century art: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Generating wide interest as much with their unique characters, life stories, and intriguing relationship, as with their oeuvre, the two artists are welcomed in Turkey for the very first time in an exhibition of more than forty of their works displayed at Pera Museum.

Collectors Jacques and Natasha Gelman spent a significant portion of their lives in Mexico; the works included in the couple’s extensive collection, which also encompasses 20th century Mexican art, include the most outstanding Frida Kahlo self-portraits, which reflect the profound traces of her artistic personality, as well as rare examples of Diego Rivera’s canvas paintings. This globally acclaimed collection was previously presented to audiences through a limited number of exhibitions outside of Mexico.

Apart from the most favored Kahlo works of the Frida Kahlo Retrospective organized in Berlin and Vienna in 2010, the exhibition at Pera Museum also includes Diego Rivera’s paintings. The works of Frida and Diego, who inspired the motion picture and literary worlds with their oeuvre and unconventional lives, can be visited at Pera Museum until 20 March 2011.

Golden Roots World Music Festival, Istanbul

(26 November-17 December)

Golden Routes is a project designed for promoting Istanbul culture and assets to the world through artists –the expeditors of modern times. Outlining the importance of intercultural circulation, this exciting promotion project is to establish grounds for joint productions in diverse art disciplines among the world artists.

The second route of the project to be realized in 2010 will be following the footsteps of Piri Reis and Evliya Çelebi covering 26 cities in 15 countries to feature 22 concerts, one dance show, conferences and artist meetings.

Festival Program:

Santa Claus Festival, Demre, Antalya

(1-7 December)

The saint who became the jolly incarnation of Christmas as Santa Claus was actually a 4th-century bishop from Demre. Every December, the town commemorates its most famous son with the St Nicholas Festival of religious services and children’s events.

A matcmaker company in US to carry a wedding ceremony in Turkish style for Americans. The second event is expected to cover some 25 couples wedding this year.

Kutlug Ataman Exhibition at Istanbul Modern

(November 10 2010-March 5 2011)

This November, Istanbul sees the return of one of its most contemporary and truly noteworthy visual artists: Kutluğ Ataman. Pooling together 11 of Ataman’s major works, the Istanbul Modern Art Museum is exhibiting this one-off temporary exhibition from Nov 10 until March 5, 2011, entitled ‘The Enemy Inside Me’

Kutluğ Ataman’s new exhibition at Istanbul Modern brings together 11 of his major artistic works, including award-winning video installations such as “Women Who Wear Wigs” (1999), “Never My Soul” (2001), “Turkish Delight” (2007) and his newest installation, “Beggars” (2010).

According to Ataman, the new exhibition brings together different video works, all of which share the common factor of identity and its construction from different perspectives.

Mevlana Festival, Konya

Museum of Mevlana (10-17 December)

The Commemorative Ceremony for Mevlana, the great Sufic saint (1207-1273), is one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Between 10-17 December more than a million people descend on Konya, the ancient Seljuk capital, for the Whirling Dervishes Festival (Sema).

Mevlana taught complete tolerance, positive thinking, awareness of God through love and union with God through dance. At his Mausoleum in Konya, centuries-old mystical dances are performed in his honour by his Sufi followers.

Sabancı Museum hosts Aga Khan Collection

Istanbul’s Sakıp Sabancı Museum, one of the most respected museums in Turkey, recently announced that it is set to exhibit one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of the art and paraphernalia of Islamic calligraphy.

The museum announced through its website that the exhibition, running from Nov. 5 until Feb. 27 will show a collection it is calling “Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum – Arts of the Book and Calligraphy in the Islamic World.”

Living Legend at Babylon

Ethiophian composer and musician Mulatu Astatke performance at Babylon. (22-23 December)

Senor Coconut feat. Les Baxter, Louie Austen & guests (16 December)

Legendary dub producer Lee Scratch Perry (17 December)

Historical Ottoman Army Band Performance

Harbiye Military Museum, (Every day except Mondays/Tuesdays, 15.00-16.00)

Multi-vision show of Mehteran history. Live performance of the Army Band.

Two Exhibitions at Pera Museum

Scenes from Tsarist Russia: 19th Century Russian Classics from the State Russian Museum Collection (4 November 2010-20 March 2011)

Csontvary “An Extraordinary Master of Hungarian Painting” (21 October-12 December 2010)

Salon IKSV Istanbul on December

Phonem by Miller: Owen Pallett (2 December)
Electronic music artist.

Raymond Weil Parsifal Nights: Tok Tok Tok (3 December)
Acoustic soul from Nijerian vocalist Tokunbo Akiro/Morten Klein from Denmark on saxophone.

Göksel Radio Days (5 December)
’70’s Turkish pop classics by Turkish singer Göksel.

These New Puritans (7 December)
Art-rock collective.

Music is Fun by Lenovo: Chromatics (9 December)
Nu-disco trio.

Garanti Caz Yeşili: The Magic Numbers (10 December)
Alternative rock group from England.

Melissa Auf Der Maur (17 December)
Ex Smashing Pumpkins/Hole bass guitarist’s solo project.

Phonem by Miller: Mystery Jets (18 December)
Indie-rock collective from England.

Nevcivan Special Project (24 December)
Traditional Turkish Music with a modern touch.


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