Professionalism in human resources
One of the most important features that distinguish Euromarmara from other companies is the total set of approaches to hiring, training and motivating employees. Our principle guideline is to work with people of all levels, from directors to guides, who are specialized and skilled with knowledge and working principles. We are aware of the fact that without skilled employees committed to work and the company, nothing can be achieved. Each employee is considered as an important resource to improve the system.

Quick Response
We carry out service fast in accordance to the requests and expectations of the customers. We determine our priorities from harmonizing ourselves in this philosophy. We always provide all the services attentively, considering all the requests and expectations equally important, as required by its professionalism. In order to achieve the continual customer satisfaction, we use “process improvement” methods such as controlling and reporting all operations as defined in advance.

From the arrival at the airport to the departure time, all of our guests feel Turkish hospitality. All our guides who are native speakers provide professional service to our customers. They are selected and trained in order to make our customers feel at home.

Guest Relations
We work intensively to take all the forethoughts required, and maintaining our seasonal team, outside the season as well, to prevent customers from experiencing any problems during their travels. Furthermore, other than the guides, we have a team ready to help in our offices in order to suffice the requests of our customers in the shortest time possible in an appropriate manner.

We have always carried out our commitment to all partners and customers for over 10 years, and are determined to do so in the future as well. This is why we are one of the most trusted firms in the tourism sector.

We closely follow all the advances both in the technical and in the systematical advances in order to maintain our leader position in the sector and adapt them to our system in the best possible way.

• Solution Approach: We train and direct all of our team in a way that the most appropriate solutions can be generated in order to carry out the requests and the suggestions of the customers in the most effective way.
•Systematic Approach : We approach each element of the Service Quality in a systematic discipline. We know that continuity in service quality cannot be ensured with a different approach.

Customer Services
We work together as a team so that our guests may enjoy their vacation in the most beneficial way. The expert team at Euromarmara provides a variety of services including airport pickups and drop-offs, making hotel reservations as well as organizing meetings, conferences, daily excursions and car rentals.

All our employees, from the management team to tour guides, are trained to respond to the demands and indulge expectations of our guests in the most efficient and professional way. Our employees consider it their top priority to ensure a perfect vacationcustomized to each and every customer’s needs and desires.

We will constantly inform customers of any possible changes in the program via their guides or public relations department. You can easily contact our public relations department or contact any person directly in case of such problems or questions or any remarks. In the unlikely event such occurrences, you can consult with our agency.


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